22 Wedding Ceremony & Reception Song Lists

The lists below provide you with suggestions for your wedding ceremony music and wedding reception music.
These lists contain the most-popular and most-requested songs as reported by Wedding DJs from across the country.
Click the Not this one...the one next to the song you want to hear button next to any song to hear a 30 sec. sample of that song in your default media player.
You are not limited to these song lists. Please choose any songs that you want.


Wedding Ceremony Song Lists

Prelude Songs
Parent And Grandparent Entrance Songs
Processional Songs
Unity Candle / Sand Ceremony Songs
Recessional Songs
Postlude Songs


Wedding Reception Song Lists

Bridal Party Entrance Songs
Bride and Groom Grand Entrance Songs
Cake Cutting Songs
Bride and Groom First Dance Songs
Bride and Father Dance Songs
Groom and Mother Dance Songs
Wedding Party Dance Songs
Anniversary Dance Songs
Bouquet Toss Songs
Garter Toss Songs
Share The Wealth Dance Songs
Last Dance Songs


Other Song Lists

Top Country Songs
Top Party Songs
Top Slow Dance Songs
The Top 200 Most Requested Songs Of The Past Year

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